PPE for Everyone

Your health is essential. Everyone should have appropriate PPE that keeps them safe. The Project N95 Shop provides access to vetted PPE from verified suppliers from a nonprofit whose mission is to keep you protected.

How do I purchase?

Please register before you shop so we can understand your needs and make the right products available to you. Once you register, you will have access to purchase what you need.

What products are available?

Our PPE selection is growing everyday. Currently available products include:

  • KN95s (FDA, EUA listed)
  • Domestic NIOSH N95
  • Surgical masks (ASTM rated)
  • Surface disinfectants
  • Face shields
Coming soon: More Domestic N95s, disinfecting wipes and other products we know have been hard to find.

I need help. How do I get in touch?

You can contact us at info@projectn95.org.

How can I be sure your products are reliable?

We use manufacturers and suppliers who can meet quality, cost and delivery expectations. We do the upfront work by reviewing:

  1. Factory & Product level certifications.
  2. Supplier registration, contacts, and other supporting documentation.
  3. Product documentation, including photos and videos of production and products, and regulatory status (learn more here).
  4. Product pricing, minimum order quantity, availability, capacity, and lead times.
  5. Customer reference checks using multiple verification points.